My Pledge To You

Being an independent life insurance and related financial service / benefit strategies company, I understand the importance of having choices: choices for you, my client and/or prospective client.  Each situation is different.

While choices are important, trust, loyalty, friendship and unconditional support for you is equally and mutually important. 

With over 30 years of life/health insurance and related financial service experience working with businesses and individuals, I feel comfortable saying that I truly understand this business.  I pride myself on my ability to go beyond talking product, and in doing so, listen intently to what you are saying.

From our initial meeting, I’ll ask if I may return for a second meeting to review some ideas and/or strategies for your review and consideration.  These ideas and/or strategies will be created from the notes taken during our initial meeting to focus solely on your needs, wants and/or desires.

The final decision to implement any ideas and/or strategies will be yours.  If you need a few days to consider implementation, that will be fine with me as well.

Once a client, the final line of my pledge is….
I'll always be there for you

   IDEA # 27 | Paying off the
   mortgage early with Cash
   Value Life Insurance.

   IDEA # 46 | Are you aware
   there is a plan other than
   a 401k, and IRA or Sep that will       reduce your taxable income?

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