While the Kevin Reynolds band made it's initial appearances in Richmond and surrounding areas in 1980, Kevin's name and reputation had preceded that.

Kevin appeared on television in the Richmond market as master of Ceremonies for the Miss Virginia Pageant starting in 1973 and winding up in 1987.

He was also seen as vocalist on the Miss America Pageant broadcasts of 1973 and 1974 on NBC.

Following those early televeision credits, The Kevin Rynolds Band began touring extensively throughout the Southeast and continued from 1975 to 1987. Settling in Richmond in 1984, the band became more localized and began to play The Tobacco Company in 1989.

A host of appearances, including George Bush's Post-Debate Rally at the Richmond Center, filled the remainder of the Twentieth Century and audiences continue to enjoy the many styles of music performed by these talented musicians.

A new century has not diminished the demand for the fun-loving, character-filled repertoire of The Kevin Rynolds Band. They create and sustain "the party" whereever they go.

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Back to Louisiana
Brick House
Caribbean Queen
Have I told you lately
Honky Tonk Woman
Play that Funky Music
Takin Care of Business
Wicked Games
Wonderful Tonight

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