Special Invitation
To Those Visiting My Website...

I’m not of the belief you’re in the market for anything I do. However, sometime soon, may I have the opportunity to visit with you and get to know you. Perhaps we could meet for breakfast, lunch or a mid-morning or afternoon
break.......My treat.

During our visit, I will mainly listen. From this listening, I may share an idea or two with you which you may find interesting. Most people can trace their pattern of life to the fact they have listened to the ideas of others. Whether or not my ideas and service will prove helpful to you remains to be seen. Only you can be the judge. Worst comes to worst we both make a friend.

In return for the opportunity of visiting with you, I’ll make you three (3) promises:

● Not to over stay my welcome

● To arrive with only a pad of paper & pen, unless you have     requested specific information

● Not to keep in touch with you without your approval.

If you would like to meet, please click on my e-mail address RLErnst828@aol.com to forward your name with phone number (preferably your work number or cell,) with the best time to call you to arrange our visit.

Until we meet, I remain.......

Most appreciatively,

Roger Ernst

   IDEA # 27 | Paying off the
   mortgage early with Cash
   Value Life Insurance.

   IDEA # 46 | Are you aware
   there is a plan other than
   a 401k, and IRA or Sep that will       reduce your taxable income?


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