The Nine Dots of Creativity

In helping individuals, families and businesses, I sometimes apply the nine dots to arrive at creative ideas and solutions.


The objective of the nine dots is to connect all nine dots with four straight lines without lifting the pen.


●              ●              ●

●              ●              ●

●              ●              ●


If interested in how to connect the 9 dots with 4 straight lines without lifting your pen, please call Roger Ernst or click on to send Roger your name and phone number. He will be happy to walk you thru the process. If you have the 9 dots in front of you when Roger calls, the process will take roughly 10 seconds.

   IDEA # 27 | Paying off the
   mortgage early with Cash
   Value Life Insurance.

   IDEA # 46 | Are you aware
   there is a plan other than
   a 401k, and IRA or Sep that will       reduce your taxable income?

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