What is a CLU, ChFC?

A CLU is to the Life Insurance Profession as a CPA is to the Accounting Profession.

A ChFC is a Chartered Financial Consultant and is similar in nature to a CFP, certified financial planner.  A ChFC provides comprehensive benefit strategies to assist in accomplishing your financial objectives.

MSFS Master Of Science in Financial Services (Student Status).  Of the number of courses completed, one of the most enjoyable was Executive Compensation.

Executive Compensation  
Covers executive compensation plans, emphasizing owner-employees of closely held businesses. Focuses on design of cash and bonus compensation, stock options, and other forms of compensation with restricted property; life insurance, including split-dollar plans and other death benefits; nonqualified deferred compensation; health and disability plans; and various fringe benefits. Covers plan installation, administration, ERISA, tax, and other law compliance.

   IDEA # 27 | Paying off the
   mortgage early with Cash
   Value Life Insurance.

   IDEA # 46 | Are you aware
   there is a plan other than
   a 401k, and IRA or Sep that will       reduce your taxable income?

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