“7702-G is one of the greatest ways to accumulate money on a tax deferred basis. Most people would like to keep as much money as possible instead of sending it to Washington .

In fact, you have more flexibly and can put more money into it than any 401k, IRA or any other qualified plan. In some cases it may reduce your taxable income.

Some companies use the plan to guarantee the profits on every $1,000,000 of sales. While others use it to pay off their mortgage early.

If can be structured in some cases to be business creditor proof and law suit resistance.

Depending on the individual, as little as $50 a month will be sufficient to start a minimum plan or as much as you want to put in.$100…$500…$1,000 …$5,000 a month or even more.

If this sounds interesting, please click on my e-mail address RLErnst828@aol.com to forward your name and phone number (preferably your work number or cell,) with the best time to call you to brief you on this great plan.

   IDEA # 27 | Paying off the
   mortgage early with Cash
   Value Life Insurance.

   IDEA # 46 | Are you aware
   there is a plan other than
   a 401k, and IRA or Sep that will       reduce your taxable income?

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